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Baba Yaga’s Flying Cottage Menu

Odessa Borscht

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dirty girl beets, painted hills oxtail bone broth, yukon gold potatoes, sour cream, dill

Cabbage Salad

pickled savoy, fresh spearhead cabbage, roasted turnips tarragon, horseradish dressing

Chanterelle Pierogies

potatoes, sauteed leeks, wild chanterelles, mustard caper cream, micro radish

Chicken Kiev

pounded, tarragon butter stuffed, gluten free panko, fried, side salad

Saturday, February 10th

Corralitos Brewing 12:30 to 8:00


Second Line Mardi Gras Menu

Gumbo Soup Dumplings

Shrimp Po Boy

Fried Chicken

Chicory Salad

Tuesday, February 13th

Humble Sea Brewing, 12:00 – 8:00

Wednesday, February 14th

Humble Sea Brewing, 12:00 – 8:00

Saturday, February 17th

East Cliff Brewing Anniversary Party

4:00 – 9:00